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Website Optimisation (Search Engine Optimisation, SEO)

Are you –

  • Unsure of how to attract search engines to your website?
  • Bewlidered by SEO and what Google wants?
  • Not getting the traffic to your website that you expected?

During the design and build process

Windmill IT Services will perform ‘search engine optimisation’ (SEO) of the web pages during the website design to optimise the site’s search engine performance.
Your website will be submitted to the big three search engines namely Google, Yahoo and Bing. It may also be pertinent to select paid submission for the first year after the design to ensure that the search engines spider and index the newly optimised content and pages.
Search engines look favourably on ‘popular’ sites and so it is important that the site has several incoming links. Windmill IT Services will require information from you in order to acquire and establish these links.

After the build

A pay per click campaign can be instigated for a number of adverts and a selection of keywords and phrases suited to your company and products. This will require regular discussions with Windmill IT Services so that the level of expenditure can be agreed to maintain your company on the first page of the sponsored links for required phrases and for an agreed amount of hours per day. Your competitors will, of course, also be ’bidding’ for the same keywords and phrases. The level of expenditure is somewhat iterative and will depend on the number of times someone clicks on your sponsored link up to a maximum cost per day.

Does SEO work?

Windmill IT has helped our clients improve their search engine ranking and thus the number of visits to their websites. In fact, as an example try typing “web design and optimisation” into and you will find us on page 1 and most likely at number 1. We can provide many other examples on request.

Windmill IT Services uses the SEO Powersuite of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tools to test and optimise our client’s website for search engines.

As one of the area's most popular web design and optimisation companies, Windmill IT has built a reputation for customer service. We strive to deliver the internet marketing solution that the customer wants when they want it to the best of our ability. We listen to the customer to understand their design requirements and offer technical advice where appropriate. We empathise, show an interest in their business and make positive comments to create a positive personal business relationship. Choosing Windmill IT to design and optimise your website is, without doubt, a sound investment. Adding value to your business, improving company impression and popularity, and thus increasing the enquiries from your on line marketing are our aims.

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